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Human Security
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The specialty of “Eco-protection” – atmospheric air protection, design and examination, environmental research and measurements, environmental legal consulting, as well as waste management.

In total, our company provides 43 services in environmental protection, sanitary epidemiological, technogenic and environmental safety.

We take the best from Western experience and combine this knowledge with practice in the Ukrainian service market.

Our employees have permits, certificates and certificates to perform engineering, expert, design, audit and measurement work, as well as other consulting services.

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Human Security  and Nature

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Application of modern equipment and western technologies


Process standardization and clear, step-by-step implementation of the project


Availability of all necessary certificates and permits for employees


We have helped over 10,000 customers in 10 years of inbound marketing

Private sector

In addition to businesses, we also care about the security of private property owners. We analyze pollution at home, in the office, etc.

  • Air Condition Analysis: We measure the content of gases, dust and other contaminants, including chemical composition.
  • Water test: in the laboratory we analyze the chemical composition of water, its properties and safety characteristics.
  • Environmental Assessment: We determine the conformity of the space and radiation pollution.
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Private sector

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Eco-protection Research and Production Enterprise



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Ecozahist cooperates with the leaders of many branches of Ukraine. We are proud to have collaborated and assisted these companies.

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By complying with international standards

Integrated environmental auditing and provision of environmental protection services at the enterprise is the main specialization of the company Ecozahist.

For 10 years our employees have been implementing various projects both in small and medium-sized and large enterprises in various fields: chemical, food, textile and metallurgical industries.

By complying with international standards

Why do you need it?

An environmental audit of the enterprise is necessary to ensure conditions that meet the requirements of the legislation: the degree of air, soil and groundwater pollution, the presence of radiation and chemical pollution, etc.

We analyze both quantitative and qualitative metrics, giving the customer a complete picture of the actual and reliable

industrial situations, developing environmental protection measures as needed.

Ecozahist Company adheres to all standards and provides various types of environmental audit: from design and examination to development of waste management measures.

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If you have any questions, you can contact our specialist

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