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Eco-protection has been providing services to businesses and individuals for 10 years. During this time we have reached the highest level of service, application of modern technologies and work with documentation.

Specialization in “Environmental protection”: atmospheric air protection, design and expertise, environmental research and measurement, environmental legal consulting, as well as waste management. In total, our company provides 43 services in environmental protection, sanitary-epidemiological, technogenic and environmental safety.

Our specialization

Missions and values

Наша головна мета – гарантія безпеки навколишнього середовища як на підприємствах так і в приватному секторі по всій території України. Бо ми турбуємося за сьогодення нашої країни та майбутнє дітей, які будуть жити тут після нас.

Цінності компанії Екозахист полягають у збереженні природи, а також створенні та розвитку екологічно-безпечного виробництва.

Missions and values

Safety of people and environment...

Our strengths are competence, accuracy and speed. All our employees have the necessary permits and certificates. In addition, most of them have experience in international companies and in large projects involving foreign specialists.
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Ecozahist cooperates with the leaders of many branches of Ukraine. We are proud to have collaborated and assisted these companies.

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