Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

From the moment, as on 18.12.2017 in Ukraine was put into force the Law «About Environmental Impact Assessment» with the purpose of adaptation of ЕU Directive 2011/92/ЕС from 13.12.2011, SPE «ECOPROTECTION» carries out the complete complex of works on environmental impact assessment (EIA). From now on almost every investment project in Ukraine, long before beginning of construction, requires detailed procedure of ecological estimation of its impacts on all components of nature environment and social environment, with the complete disclosure of information for public about all relatively ecological aspects of the project in open «Register of EIA».

EIA process is regulated by «Procedure of Documentation Transmission for Getting EIA Conclusion», approved by CMU №1026 from 13.12.2017, and also by «Procedure of Public Hearings in the Process of EIA», approved by CMU №989 from 13.12.2017.

SPE «ECOPROTECTION» carries out all complete EIA services, including the initial data collection from different sources, justified alternatives analysis, «Report about the planned activity that is subject to EIA» registration in Single Register of EIA, realization of ecological researches(descriptions of current status of environment are the so-called «Basic scenario») and specialized ecological researches of environment changes, ecological risks assessment, technical calculations of emissions, contaminated water discharges, formation of wastes, and ecological mitigation measures development for prevention, reduction, removal of considerable negative environmental impacts, including compensative measures development.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We develop «Project Implementation Environmental Monitoring Program», we register «EIA public hearings announce» in the Single Register of EIA, we develop and register «EIA Report», we are fully involved in public hearings, and we get the EIA Conclusion in the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine or in the Departments of Ecology and Natural Resources of State Oblast Administrations.

In the EIA process SPE «ECOPROTECTION» fully co-operates with Investor, General Designer, experts of organizations that examine project design documentation and with the specialists of the Authorized State Body (Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine or in the Departments of Ecology and Natural Resources of State Oblast Administrations) and public participants. Our goal is to provide EIA Reports and EIA Conclusions for our customers while saving nature and ecosystems of Ukraine.

Positive EIA Conclusion gives a right to apply to the state organs of construction supervision after Construction Permission in obedience CMU Act №466 approved in 13.04.2011 «Some Questions of Implementation of Preparatory and Construction Works» – in relation to objects that belong to the consequences class with middle (СС2) and considerable (СС3) consequences and/or are subject to EIA under the Law of Ukraine «On EIA»

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In obedience to the «Order of Implementation of Preparatory and Construction Works», information about a document, that gives the right on implementation of preparatory and construction works, and information about the results of EIA, – must take place on a stand on a construction site in an accessible for a review place.

Signing an agreement with SPE «ECOPROTECTION» on the EIA procedures and afterwards on the «Project Implementation Environmental Monitoring» realization of your activity on the basis of positive EIA Conclusion, you diminish risks of unpredictable adverse impacts on environment, and diminish probability of Construction Permit abolition caused by possible disregard of nature protection legislation requirements.

We were one of the first companies in Ukraine, who worked out and loaded first EIA report in EIA Register, and we remain faithful to ecological principles – we support balance of business interests, taking into account wishes and requirements of local communities, and providing an ecological equilibrium and safety of projects, EIA of which we conduct.

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